Monday, January 2, 2012

Dining: Stoops and Becky's Kitchen

Sometimes we just wish that we could dine out when we are on a strict budget! If that is the case you can head of to Vitto Cruz in Manila. Just before you reach Taft Ave., you will find Stoops and Becky's Kitchen.

Stoops Food Corner along P. Ocampo St. (formerly Vitto Cruz)

Stoops' Menu. Check out their other specialties.

Interiors of Stoops facing P. Ocampo St.

Ilocos Banet with Enselada and Alamang side dish

Stoops specializes in serving the famous Ilocos Bagnet. You have the option of choosing between spicy and regular bagnet. You can also choose your own side dish of enselada, green mango, alamang. Dip your bagnet in the authentic ilocos black vinegar. You will not be disappointed with the quality nor the price of the food serve here.

After eating at Stoops you can walk a few meters down towards Becky's Kitchen. With a variety of desserts and other home-made treats that can satisfy your taste buds after a fulfilling meal.

Home made treats. The perfect dessert and the perfect gift to loved ones.

Stoops also has a branch along Malugay St. cor., Buendia Ave. Makati City. It is right behind the Pag-Ibig Bldg.

Becky's Kitchen has another Branch in Pasig City. Check out the sites below.

Check these links out for more information!!!

Stoops Food Center:

Becky's Kitchen:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2012 in Dubai

This was indeed breath-taking! I was staying with my cousins in Dubai to welcome the New Year. We were tuned to Dubai TV. What we witness was indeed spectacular.

The fireworks display were held in the Burj Khalifa, renowned as the World's Tallest Tower. After watching it on the television, people outside the building where we stayed were out in the streets and making noise to welcome the New Year. The place was in Muraqqabat in Deira. Most of these residents are fellow Filipinos and Indian expats. Of course the Dubai police was making rounds that time to make sure that everything was safe.