Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Nepal Getaway! (Day 5)

Last day in Nepal. 

I spent the night at Thamel in Hotel Mums Home. It is a nice hotel, serves its purpose if you are just staying over the night at Thamel. It is very close to the shops and is walking proximity to places like the Garden of Dreams and Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is not a four-five star hotel but it is clean and the staff is very accommodating.

The previous night, I booked  for a spa treatment. I wanted to take this opportunity because spa treatments back at Doha are very expensive. The hotel did not have spa facilities but it had recommended me one, which they helped me book. A staff from Tranquility Spa came and fetched me from the hotel at 8:30am. We walked through the streets of Thamel. The spa was less than 10 minutes away from the hotel. I had a deep tissue massage, facial and pedicure for USD37. Not bad. The place was clean. They service was adequate and they had the right facilities for their services. The Spa also has branches in different parts of Kathmandu Valley and Nepal. They cater to a lot of tourists.

Tranquility Spa.

Breakfast was served from 7:00 to 11:00am at Hotel Mums. I managed to get back to the hotel by 10:55am. The waiter and kitchen staff were just clearing out the buffet. They were very kind because they still let me have breakfast. Checkout was at 12:00nn and the hotel had helped in booking a taxi for me to get to the airport at 1:30pm.While waiting for the taxi, I wondered around the streets of Thamel, bought some gifts for friends, tried to bargain, was somehow successful. I didn't want to bargain too much because the prices were already very cheap for many of the vendors. Shopping for souvenirs and stuff at Thamel can be very addicting and you must learn to stop yourself from buying too much because you might not have enough space in your luggage.

Breakfast at Hotel Mums Home

When walking at the streets and alley you will get to find a lot of interesting shops that might interest you. Near Hotel Mums is another hotel which caught my attention, Kantipur Temple Hotel. It is a red-bricked building and had a very relaxing and inviting ambiance. I asked for rates at the reception. They also gave me permission to take pictures so I can show it around if friends wanted a place to stay at Thamel.

Streets of Thamel

Shops at Thamel

Souvenirs, gifts, local handicrafts.

Kantipur Temple Hotel

Garden at Kantipur Temple Hotel

Kantipur Temple Hotel

My flight was at 4:35pm though Jet Airways. The taxi arrived at the hotel promptly. It charged Rs 500 (USD 5) to get to the airport. Check in was fast. I then proceeded to the Executive Lounge, Diner's Club card holders get a free access to this lounge. Had my lunch there and met two gentlemen from Oslo, Bjorn and John. Exchanged shorts stories and conversed. I then moved on to security for boarding the plane. I was held at the security check for about five minutes because they found a sharp object in my bag. Later on they were able to determine what it was. They were the two wings from my die-cast scale model plane that I bought from Etihad Airways. Make sure that the security stamps the boarding pass and the carried luggage label. This stamp is required for boarding. After that it was off to boarding gate. Prior to boarding the plane, another security check was conducted by ground security. 

Then while on the plane to Delhi, I learned that the pilot and first officer flying the plane were both women, that was another first for me. I wanted to get some selfies with them, but I was too shy to ask. :)

Lunch at the Executive Lounge, KTM Airport.

Another security check at KTM prior to boarding the plane.

I had a short lay over at New Delhi's Indira Ghandi International Airport. The airport was clean, spacious and had lots of shops. I didn't get enough time to stop by the lounge because the lay over was just an hour. Security check was similar to Kathmandu. My scale model plane was the culprit for a five minute scrutiny. The service by Jet Airways was satisfactory. I just was concerned about their safety practices, not all passengers were asked to put their seats at the upright position prior to landing.

I arrived at Doha's airport at 9:00pm and headed back home to get some rest. It's a whole new ballgame at work leading to summer break. 

Next Stop, let's just say that I'm looking forward to my very first trans-Pacific flight! :)

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